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Day Six – Val Ferret – La Fouly

(6 hours – 20kms)

We finally leave the Hotel Crampon this morning after three lovely nights with tremendous hosts.

The highlight of breakfast was Leeanne’s statement that she was contemplating an AFD (Alcohol Free Day) today!

Once the giggles stopped we settled back to our breakfast of fruit, muesli & croissants.

After yesterdays shambles with the bus, Ismael organised a mini bus transfer back to the same starting point.


Our route today takes us slowly up the valley and onto the ridge which climbs gradually, and consistently, up towards the saddle which marks, invisibly, the border between Italy and Switzerland.

Once again, excited Australians straddling the two countries for a photo opportunity.

Ismael then took us into Switzerland and up the top of a nearby hill which offered great views down the valley to our nights destination, la Fouly.

After another photo opportunity, Ismael noticed the crowd of walkers strolling down towards our lunch stop at a small farm, and declared a state of emergency. We needed to hoof it down the hill, passing as many walkers as possible, to ensure we snared a table or two for lunch.

With the charge of the light brigade engaged, slow tired legs regenerated instantly, and we tore down the hill passing all and sundry only to get to the farm and find it full!


Tables eventuated and we settled in to our packed lunch and, for those who wished, maybe a beer to quench the thirst.

Well, low and behold…guess who ordered a beer, a whole 4 hours after declaring AFD status!

Evidently the beer was nice, as Paul & Specks had two.

Good luck walking after that, boys?

They walked pretty well, apparently, as the afternoon walk was mainly down hill, all the way to our nights digs in La Fouly, a new place for No Roads, and a pretty cool place it is, all boarding house style, with bunk rooms and shared shower blocks and dunnies.

Our dinner was a local speciality, Raclette, a dish of potato with cheese melted under a heating plate, served with condiments of cured meats, pickled gherkins and onions, served with local wines.

To top off the meal an alpine liqueur, Génépi, was poured in shot glasses to mixed reactions, and from all accounts a few strange dreams later on!


  1. Brendan Eames says

    The Eames contingent looking good ! Me , I’m suffering Venezia today. Crowds probably but still one of my favourite places. Keep on keeping on Bugsters.


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