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Day Five – Val Ferret back to Courmayeur

(7 hours…20kms)

Today has a slightly different format as we are catching the bus up the valley to the Val Ferret, and walking back to Courmayeur.

The bus ride itself was crazy, Italian style, with demand outstripping supply by a factor of about three! It’s a narrow windy road up to the Val Ferret stop so the bus isn’t big, but that didn’t deter about 80 people cramming into it, the driver pushing everyone further down the back. Talk about stacks on! Plus it was a stopping all stations, as the driver willed more passengers on, sardine style. We were pretty happy to get to the pit stop and rediscover limbs seemingly crushed by the weight of humanity!!

And what a day it turns out to be!

The views before us are breathtaking!

Ismael stated that this was his most favourite day of the walk because of the stupendous views which astound at every turn.

About an hour of meandering uphill, surprisingly not too taxing, especially after the shenanigans of the previous night!

The rest of the morning followed the valley about half way up the hill, with our first look at Mont Blanc itself presenting in all its glory.

It’s not hard to realise why Ishmael loves this particular walk so much, as at times you have to pinch yourselves at the majesty presented before you.

We had a rest at a refuge to soak in the views some more, before continuing on to our lunch spot on the side of the path, packed lunch at the ready.

If Tony was impressed with his lunch spot on day two, I reckon he will need to re-evaluate after today.

As Rach said, you could almost reach out and touch the soaring mountain scene in front of you.

It was right there, just willing you to grab hold of it.



Sadly, we needed to keep moving, which was along the ridge, dodging and weaving around oncoming traffic, all the while marvelling at natures creation thrown up in front of us.

Eventually we came upon the view of Courmayeur way down below us, realising the only way home was down, down, down.

Finally, at about 5.30, we waddled into town and our hotel for a quick freshen up before dinner at a pizza joint in town.

Slightly more subdued than the previous night, but still most enjoyable with food aplenty and good wine flowing.

One last wander down the Main Street, then another nightcap back at our wonderful hotel.

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  1. Brendan Eames says

    Love the Alps especially around Mt Blanc. Here in Slovenia it’s only the foothills of the Alps. 2000 mtrs or so. Any way heading for Venice via Ljubiana today. Beautiful Venice. Go well and safely Bugsters.


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