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Day Seven – La Fouly – Champex-Lac

(4 hours – 14kms)

Today is the shortest walk of the tour, only 4 hours, mainly following the valley, with a short sharp 450 metre climb to our hotel next to Champex Lac.

Breakfast in the boarding house dining room, a team photo on the hotel steps and off at precisely 8.19!

We are nothing if not prompt! Ismael has never seen such attention to detail.

All jokes aside, the Hotel was really good, serving up a different experience to what we have experienced to date, and very comfortable and accommodating.

Shrugging off the ghosts of boarding houses passed, we strolled down the valley, setting a leisurely pace as we have become accustomed to the gentle cadence of the days walk, following our gliding guide, Ismael.

Through Swiss villages featuring brillant wooden doors, and wonderful shutters framed with flower boxes flowing with red geraniums.

Probably the highlight was the gnome garden, which from all accounts has being growing year by year.

More pine forest wandering, then up the hill to Champex-Lac, and our wonderful accommodation, Hotel Spendide, with the most brilliant terrace overlooking the stunning valley below us.

Said terrace hosted our lunch, in a location hard to beat, with plenty of beer and rose to toast the venue.

Oh, Gemma really liked the salad!

Our rooms held the same incredible view from balconies perfectly positioned to seduce the senses.

The afternoon was spent wandering the small village which hugged the lake, window shopping the outrageously overpriced goods.

We chatted to a fisherman who was having no luck in his pursuits, which was quite remarkable, as we could see schools of trout just lounging around his line, sunning themselves, and thumbing their fins at his ineptitude!

His rival next door didn’t seem to have any issues, with Specks claiming bragging rights!

More suffering in this abysmal hovel, before being summoned to the dining room for a lovely fresh meal of salad, chicken tagliatelle and crème caramel.

Enough suffering, time to retire to our lovely rooms with ridiculous valley and Mountain View’s.

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  1. Brendan Eames says

    Would loved to have hooked that fish. Envious Declan, just to hold it. You guys are looking great. Off back home this a’noon so Ill catch up back in OZ. Continue to travel safely.


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