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Gnocchi, gnocchi, gnocchi

Rome, Italy

Our last full day in Rome, so we needed to push on and see as much as possible. Another hot and humid day awaited, so yesterday’s extravaganza that was the laundry Nonna, will be put to the test. We had pre-booked tickets to the Galleria Borghese, and trudged up the steps and through the beautiful gardens of villa Borghese to the museum. There goes a litre of sweat!

The Galleria only allows 200 people per two hour time slot so as not to overcrowd the experience, and it worked well. The sculptures, especially by Bernini, were absolutely awesome. I never thought I’d like marble statues as much as I did…the detail was amazing. Two hours went by pretty quickly and we headed back down the hill to our studio, past the trinket sellers, and the umbrella Sellers, and the water sellers….till we got to the end of the gardens, with a lovely view over Piazza Popolo.


The view was great, but not nearly as wonderful as the stirring rendition of a famous Bob Dylan song being played by the busker. It sounded just like this: “Gnocchi, gnocchi, gnocchi on heavens door…..” I kid you, not! Typical Italian trying to reinvent!!! We headed back to our room, but not before the most exciting experience of our trip so far… audience with…..SHARON STONE!


Well….she was shooting a movie scene at the chapel on the corner of the piazza and we saw her up close(ish). Us and a heap of paparazzi. “Sharon, over here, over here. Yes, me…look, look…” Such excitement, time for a re-group.

Rest, lunch, and we are off to The Capitoline Museums a group of art and archeological museums in Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of the Capitoline Hill in Rome.


The Capitoline Museums are perhaps the most venerable of all the city’s collections of ancient sculpture, and are housed in two buildings overlooking the Roman Forum, which is afforded a brilliant view from the walkway bridging between the two buildings.


True fatigue started to set in, too much culture for one day, so out we went, back up Via Del Corso, the main drag in Rome, and a bit of retail therapy, then R and R in our room listening to the second ashes test. Me listening, Rachael punching ZZZZ’s!!

Now…if you think we peaked early with Roberto Dylanio and Shazza, you would be wrong. Dead wrong! Whilst researching our next destination, Assisi, my beautiful wife (upon waking!) discovered the most exciting bit of news yet…in fact TWO bits of super duper news.


Assisi are holding a festival this weekend. The “BEEROCK” festival! Craft beers from the district, PLUS Italy’s own Beatles cover band! Lock up your Nonna’s, here we come!


But not before heading back to the restaurant we went to on our first night for another lovely meal to finish off our time in Rome. .

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