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Goodbye Amalfi, Hello Rome

Rome, Italy

Our last day in Amalfi was pretty relaxed with brekky, a coffee at our favourite cafe, a couple of photos before finalising our packing and walking the 77 steps down to our awaiting driver. All going to plan so far!!

The drive back to Napoli was very relaxing as our driver took us the back route through the lovely countryside, accompanied by some lovely Italian music, interspersed with the latest Top 40 songs and a couple of pop songs in Italian, quite the repertoire of music. It took us 45 minutes to get from Amalfi to Napoli and 20 minutes to get from the Napoli freeway exit to the train station, which was only 5kms, the traffic in this city is unbelievable. Dog eat dog when driving.

Our train was on time so we made the journey along the platform to coach number 2, of 15 carriages, so we were the second last carriage, and proceeded to board the train, but not before a gentleman offered to lift our bags onto the train and place them in the holding area.

We were much obliged until we found out we had been stitched up and he was not an employee of the train company but a scammer who took us for €5 EACH!!! Lesson learnt and can’t believe we fell for that one, now on high alert. We had paid an extra €10 to sit in business class and it was worth every penny, luxury personified and helped us to forget about our scammer.

An hour later and we had arrived in Rome. First word that comes to mind…….HOT. We had arranged to meet a driver at the train station, but as is our want, we headed in the wrong direction on the platform and descended down the stairs and were hit with a waft of urine that indicated we had somehow taken a wrong turn. How is it that when we walk in the opposite direction to everyone else, that we still don’t get that we are maybe heading in the wrong direction????

Back on track we made our way to the main terminal only to find no one standing there with our name on a card. After looking for 45 minutes we gave up, spent another 10 minute looking for an ATM, I’m beside myself at this stage, and headed out to hail a taxi. A couple of burly blokes offered to help with our bags, but having been burnt in Napoli we were still on high alert and managed to avoid the scammers.

Got to our hotel in 10 minutes and €12 later instead of the €25 we were going to pay our driver, so big ticks for us for being such losers and going the wrong way on the platform!! Our host was very apologetic for the fact we could not find our driver and upgraded us to his best room. Another big tick for us, things going beautifully.


We are situated in the heart of Rome so we went for a walk to discover what else was around this beautiful city. As we entered the Piazza Del Popola, the first viewing point of Rome, and also the first point of having a rose thrust in your face with the offer to buy, we realised that wherever you go you will most likely come across people wanting you to buy everything and anything.

With the wave of my hand they soon got the point that having been scammed once today we were not prepared to be done over again.


Found a terrific restaurant not far from where we are staying that has the best food and wine of our time in Italy so far. Our Waiter was great and as he is travelling to Australia in August, he had so many questions we offered to come back on our last night and answer whatever he had left and provide him with our best advise on where to go.


Back home for an early night, as tomorrow we have a full day with Francesca who will take us on a 8 hour private tour of Rome taking in the Vatican, Colosseum, Pantheon etc, etc we are very much looking forward to this, so no doubt you will hear all about it on our blog tomorrow. Arriverderci xx

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