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Last day in Amalfi

mAmalfi, Italy

Lazy start to the day as we needed to organise our train ride to Rome, transport from Amalfi to Naples and from Rome train station to hotel for tomorrow. After this much effort we headed off to our favourite coffee place before finally starting our day at midday!!
First things first we needed a pair of sunnies for Hugh, thanks to him donating his old pair to the blue grotto yesterday. Thankfully we found a pair within our Euro price range, albeit a pair that can only be described as ‘Southern Italian Chic’ in Hugh’s words.
Next on the shopping list was a bottle of Lemoncello, but from which of the 200 shops that sell it, was the authentic one???
Settled on a shop that made it on site and purchased a bottle that we could keep long after the Lemoncello had been consumed.

A bit of solitude and reflection was needed, so a visit to the Duomo Amalfi was in order, €2 at the ready for Rachael’s candle. A lovely church it is, sitting proud above the main square, the perfect spot for a photo op, or free seat for lunch.

After so much shopping it was time for lunch before hitting the beach for an afternoon of Rancho Relaxo.

Parting with our €20 for the privilege of 2 banana lounges and an umbrella that only shaded one chair, we settled in for the afternoon with our books and Aussie suntan, and mingled with our beautifully tanned Italian friends. For the extra cost of €.20 Euro cents you could have a cold shower or for €1 you could have a warm shower or you could wait until you get back to your Hotel room and have one for free!!

After our frolic in the Mediterranean Sea we headed back to our room for our free shower before spending our last night on the balcony enjoying a thunderstorm and lighting show in the distance over a couple of beers.

Off to dinner at a lovely little restaurant in the corner of the plaza whereby upon placing our order, the table was set by a young Italian man, who purely by accident, I’m sure, managed to brush the back of his hand against my breast whilst placing the plate down in front of me. So smooth was his action that Hugh missed it and I was left to have a chuckle to myself whilst explaining to Hugh what just happened.
Hugh then threatened to glass the young punk but thought better of wasting a good drop of red and waited until he at least had finished the bottle before giving him the ‘what for’!!

After a lovely dinner and no tip, Hugh felt the waiter already had his share of tits, I mean tips, we went for a walk around Amalfi, with our regular Gelato in hand to take in our final night.

Another fabulous day in this beautiful part of the Amalfi Coast before heading off to Rome tomorrow. We have had 5 wonderful days full of exploring and rest and are now ready to tackle more of the beautiful Italian countryside.
Ciao xx.


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