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Beaune to Lyon – The Roundabouts Tourist Drive

Lyon, France

Our last day in Beaune started with a run around the old town a few times as there were no parks nearby. Even on our last day we were still discovering parts of Beaune on our run that we hadn’t seen yet and it was also sales day for many shops who had their wares out the front on sale for a bargain price of 30 – 50%off, so only €100!!! Before heading to Lyon we grabbed some brekky, our usual coffee creme and some provisions for our drive, which we estimated would take about 3-4 hours.


Hugh got us out of Beaune, which in the end took all of 2 minutes, then it was my turn to drive. Whilst I managed to steer clear of the gutter I did take a bit longer to get used to the gears as they were so close together, I kept going from 2nd to 4th or leaving it in 3rd when I thought I was in 1st, otherwise all went well. We stopped for lunch at a quaint town an hour later along the river which seemed to flow the whole journey with us.

After lunch it was time for me to resume my position in the passenger seat as I has enough driving for one day, Poor Hugh, his part of the drive was through all the towns, of which some were major cities, due to the fact we were avoiding the tolls. Each town was preceded by a number of roundabouts which were, on average, 1-2 kms apart. Once through the town the roundabouts would continue until the next town. No long country roads for this part of the trip. All in all we both agreed that for the duration of the trip we went through at least 60 roundabouts in total, quite the challenge and frustration in a manual car!!!

Once we arrived in Lyon the traffic was like entering Paris and Hugh did a great job at navigating his way through the city centre. Lyon is the second largest city in France so it s a lot different to what we thought it would be, but fortunately we are in the old centre in the middle of the 2 rivers. Before arriving in Lyon we had to text the lady who owns the apartment we were staying in, 1 hour before arriving so she could meet us there. We did this but alas no woman at the apartment when we arrived. A few calls, texts, emails later we got onto her, she didn’t get the text, and she was on her way but would be an hour.


We drag our suitcases back to the car which is parked a block away and costs only €30 a day, and head into town for a look around in 30 degree heat, Phew, quite a change in temperature.


Once Christel, the owner, got to the apartment all was good. It’s a large studio on the 4th floor (no lift!) behind a huge wooden door, in a little lane filled with…….XXX shops!! Oops! Actually ok, as the rest of the area is pretty upmarket, and the studio is fantastic. Off to the patisserie for dinner provisions, some beers, and dinner is served.


After dinner a long walk around the district as it doesn’t get dark till about 10.30. Only one full day in Lyon so we could be busy tomorrow.

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