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Light and Colour in Paris

Some months ago I read, in a French blog I follow, about an impressive new visual arts show and subsequently saw some initial, glowing, reviews for it…so today we get to judge it for ourselves.

Atelier des Lumières is an immersive exhibition of the works of Gustav Klimt plus a shorter exhibition by an artist working under the pseudonym, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, and an even shorter contemporary work called Poetic_AI.

Images are splashed onto the walls and floors of a huge old warehouse, with a soundtrack mix of classic and contemporary music thundering in the background.

The whole experience is mesmerising, images flashing before you, changing shape and form, swirling to the music.

Light and shade.

Washing over and around you.

The room is so large the crowds seem to just blend in, people standing, leaning on walls, or just sitting on the floor letting the scenes before you play out.

It really was incredible, lasting about 45 minutes, on a continual loop. Stunning

Back in the light we caught the train back into the centre of town, wandered around and grabbed a bit to eat.

Then made our way onto the Ile de la Cite and Saint-Chapelle with her wonderous stained glass.

We visited five years ago but one wall was being rejuvenated, so we were keen to see the whole shebang.

Ther are 1113 scenes depicted in 15 stain glass windows telling the story of mankind from Genesis through to Christ’s resurrection.

Once again, a visual overload. Truly the most wonderous chapel you will ever see.

Sensory overload complete, we stagger back towards our apartment, passing typical Paris life.

More wandering…

Afterwards a spritz, then dinner in a fantastic wine bar near home, run by a very enthusiastic wine lover. It was a great end to a ripping day. Cheers!


  1. Brendan Eames says

    Bet you are just dying to get back home……. NOT ! But continued safe travels you two.


  2. Caitlin says

    Glad your video was 36seconds and not 36 minutes! Mind you it looks amazing. Again,awesome photography Hugh. Rachael your fake tan is looking pretty good. Hopefully you get to find somewhere to watch footy🐯


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