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DAY 16 Phakding to Lukla

Our last day of walking, and a nice easy three hours at that with only one hill near the end to remind us of what we will be missing!

As we walk we see reflections of ourselves going the other way, all fresh and eager, chatty and excited, still smelling like roses unlike our own slightly grubby, well worn and worn out fragrance!

The closer we get to the finish the slower we seem to go as the magnitude and scope of what has gone before dawns on us. The culmination of 15 days battling both the elements, the environment, and our own mental demons (especially the Chola Pass, thanks very much!) is just at the top of the hill, through the arch we gathered at to date stamp the start of our trek….and soon, the end.
Our final destination.

But, it’s not the destination, but the journey we celebrate.
At times it was hard, bloody hard, but for every tough climb, a moments rest was had to bask in the satisfaction of being here.

To stop and listen to the mountains, free of noise pollution, fresh of air (if a little thin), peaceful, nature’s true calling
Then, to continue the journey…
Pretty simple life; wake up, eat, walk, rest…repeat!

Smell the roses.
Suck in the surroundings.

And we have, immensely. It’s been so beautiful, majestic, stunning, awe inspiring, serene.
A scenic kaleidoscope, an imagery masterclass, a sensory dream! A seven course banquet, none of this degustation here, a fully laid on feast!

So, nothing for it now, but to sit back at our teahouse, drink in hand, and reflect on a job well done. Tonight, we celebrate!



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