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a quick reminisce before the next trip…

Before we head off again next week to see some of Spain, Portugal & France…here are a few photos from our last trip.

Hopefully with another two years practise, and some fancier gear, the shots will be better, and will tell the story of our time away.

DSC00766    DSC00858

Notre Dame will be visited again, and I’m pretty sure we’ll see another of France’s iconic vehicles!

IMG_0041             IMG_6483

The cafe scene in Paris, to the stunning light show in Reims.


One of the highlights, ballooning over Burgundy.


Pompeii was breathtaking, a must visit if you’re anywhere near.

DSC01475      DSC01626

There’s quite the art to walking on the beach in Amalfi, and a lot of walking in Rome.

DSC01663                   DSC01695

A strategically placed Vespa in Assisi, and a misplaced Boar in Chianti. In one of the most wicked “butchers/deli’s ever!!

DSC01955   DSC02192

The rugged splendour of the Cinque Terre, and the majestic beauty of Lake Como.

DSC02267    DSC02276

Venice, before the madness of the day starts.


…and on one of the only clear days.

IMG_6698      IMG_6809

Looked over by a Saint, whilst always indulging!!


and at the end of the day it’s time to rest…


..and have a Spritz!!

So…adios, adeus & au revoir

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