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on-line wine cellars

Everyone loves a bargain, a secret wine buy known only to those on the inside! The wine deal that started off all Chinese whispers, and progressed to virtual reality, wine style. The icon wine forgotten at the back of the cellars, until an over observant bean counter discovers said treasure, demands stock movement at any cost, and on-line wine guy pounces, thin chequebook in hand.

Written up, praise heaped….ready to sell.

A few clicks, a ready credit card, and whooshka…you-beaut, bonzer booze for a fraction of retail.

This is the mystical on-line wine businesses dream of, had aspiration to, wish they could conceive, yet fail to deliver, turning into yet another bottleshop, sans walls!

Many try, few succeed.

A great website, funky layout, persuasive words, cool graphics….a great buying team! All these, and more, are required to succeed in this hotly contested space.

Here are some I like….

vinomofo….the cool cousin, selling wine at a great price, sometimes so cheap they can’t reveal the maker until delivery, as well as own label stuff which looks pretty good. Money back guarantee, for piece of mine. A winning formula…

winestar….started out as the online business attached to the bricks and mortar Strathmore Cellars. Great wine write ups, geared to the more serious folk, with good pricing, if not great. Their range, and availability of scarce stuff is impressive.

nakedwines….is a customer funded wine business, where the customers fund independent winemakers in return for exclusive access to wines at wholesale prices. Wine crowdfunding, cool idea! The wines are good, it deserves support.

backvintage….direct to the consumer wine business who make all their own wines from selected parcels, using the authority that is Nick Bulleid MW, as a statement of quality. “if it’s not good enough for Nick Bulleid MW, it’s not good enough for you !” Interesting wines at a pretty good price, once again with a money back guarantee.

Here are membership style clubs….mmm, not my thang!!!

the wine society….not a bad website, plenty of info. Claims to be the first wine club in Australia, sourcing competitively priced wines from “the little guy”. Good periodical wine mag offered with membership. A good mix of interesting ranges/blends/styles.

wineselectors….seen at every airport selling memberships. For convenience, not bad. Every month/quarter/whatever you want, a mix dozen is plonked on your doorstep. Plenty of ‘filler’ wines to pad out the price, but by and large the end product is pretty good. Very easy, simple way to keep the cellar stocked.

cellarmasters….like the others, plenty of no names amongst the recognisable. Makes it hard to recognise value! Plenty on offer, and worth a look.

Bargain bins!

crackawines….plenty of no name brands, obscure labels, and bin ends. Not sure of the quality of some of this stuff, but the model works, they sell heaps.

getwinesdirect….huge tasting area to try before you buy, which sort of defeats the purpose of shopping on-line. Massive retail space in Burnley, and does monster business, so what do I know!?

Cellar Doors…

Of course there are websites for all the cellar doors out there, so when you visit make sure to join the mail list/cellar club for those you like. The shopping experience can be quite varied, but the ones that do it right, do well. A couple of my favourites…

Olivers Taranga….a great site, easy to navigate, perfect after sales communication. FREE delivery on case buys. Oh, and their wines are fabuloso!!

Flametree Wines….WA winery, great website, great wines

God knows I don’t need to buy wine, but if I’m buying online then Vinomofo is my go-to site. Easy to use, interesting ranges, good pricing and that little bit of excitement factor when you buy one of their ‘black market’ offerings at 50-70% off, ‘identity unknown’ till it hits your door. You need to have confidence that the wine will meet, or exceed, expectations, and for the most part it does.

Like anything, the price you pay is more than likely the price it’s worth, not the exorbitant price set by the winery: and all sites quote the highest RRP to make the discount look more appealing! But hey, a perceived bargain is still a bargain in your eyes, so everyone is pleased. Winery gets rid of dead stock, retailer gets there margin, and consumer gets something to gloat over at their next BBQ.

If I’m paying for wine, there’s nothing better than thinking I’ve done better!!


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