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Sparkling Shiraz!!

It’s that time of year again, when there’s no longer an excuse needed for drinking Sparkling Shiraz. Not that I’ve ever spent too long justifying my indulgence!

Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz 2012, about $20-25 pretty much everywhere.

Sparkling red’s are a quintessential Australian wine style, frowned upon by the French and confusing most other wine producing countries. The sparkles come in all sorts of varieties from Cabernet, Malbec, Durif, and even that most dreaded grape….Merlot (urgh!). But the predominant style is based around Shiraz, mainly from warm(ish) climates.

My favourite area is the Grampians region….Best’s, Grampians Estate & Seppelt leading the way.

There’s good ones out of the Coonawarra…Majella is a beauty. The Clare Valleys contributes with Leasingham Classic Clare, amongst others.

So many to choose from, so little time…

You may have guessed it….But I LOVE Sparkling Shiraz!

Seppelt Original is one of the pioneers of the style; consistent, reliable, refreshing and undervalued. A bargain at the price. Yes, there are plenty better (which will get a look in this festive season!) but none come close in the “bang for your buck” stakes.

Christmas day is not complete without a bottle departing the fridge. One on Boxing Day seems like a good idea as well!

And what about New Years Eve?

Summer holidays at Wye River?!

The possibilities are endless, willpower strong, waistline expanding!!

When I finally curl up my toes, I want everyone to grab a glass to send me off, with a bit of Elbow, Wilco or Elliott Smith to serenade me either upstairs, or down.

And I’ll take a few bottles with me as company while I wait for Rachael!

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