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the best wine I’ve had this year!!!

Man, this wine is good!

Sevenhill 2012 Inigo Shiraz, $17 from Dan Murphy’s.

When you read the spiel about this wine in the latest Dan’s buying guide, and they claim 98/100, one needs to try it if for no other reason than to knock the score down a few pegs. I mean, 98 is a ridiculous score for any wine, and even more so for one that’s only $17!

Scoring for wine has become ridiculous, with 90/100 becoming the benchmark score for any wine that is half decent. James Halliday has set a rod for his own back giving out higher and higher scores in his wine companion book and magazine, seemingly making perfectly good wines superfluous if they ‘fail’ to garnish a high enough score. If your wine scored a 90 a few years ago you’d shout it out loud for all to see, and hopefully buy, but now that is seen as only a fair pass mark.

Even our own Dromana Estate 2012 Chardonnay got a 94/100 this year, and it barely caused a ripple out in wine land!

So….98/100 hey? Bet it isn’t anywhere near that, just a trumped up score to help Dan’s move a few extra cases? Justification for the pallets of the stuff they bought?

Well….it’s bloody excellent, even better than that for the price. Maybe not 98, but right up there.

Made in the Clare Valley by the Jesuit’s, lead by Father John May, it is indeed almost heavenly!

Sevenhill is the first winery in the Clare Valley, established in 1851 when the Jesuits who settled in the area planted vines to produce sacramental wine. From these modest beginnings, the Jesuits’ focus on wine has remained, with Sevenhill adding to its sacramental wine production with an extensive range of table wines.

Looking at their website it looks like they have run out of the Inigo Shiraz at cellar door, so get in quick to uncle Dan’s to grab some before they are all gone.

God knows we don’t need anymore wine at home, but I reckon I might just manage to squeeze a box of this bad boy in!

Probably today!!



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