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Homeward bound for Jack’s 21st

Homeward bound for Jack's 21st
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

Our last day. So what better way to start than with a sleep in? Sort of, met Cards at 8.45 for brekky across the road, then on to Harbour City for a bit more shopping. Just needed to get a couple of things for kids, so all done in no time at all. We looked at a Playstation 3 for Jack as they were pretty cheap, but Bluray not compatible and no warranty, so no sale. Sorry Jacko! The shopping in Honkers is so over the top, designer everything, about six thousand watch dealers all flogging top end pieces, Chanel on every corner, dodgy Indians everywhere selling tailored clothing, fake everything, and all down skanky lanes as it is most illegal. Markets on every other corner selling cheap clothing, phone covers, **** jewellery, plants, animals, food (I think), you name it. Shopping mall after shopping mall selling the most amazing array of designer labels, interspersed with electronic stores, camera dealers, did I mention watch shops? Everything and anything you could want to buy. So, how much do you reckon Rachael and I bought for ourselves? One watch! Not a high end one, I’ve already got a beautiful Oris timepiece, but one everyday wristwatch. That was it! I think next time we need to have our stopover at the start of the trip, not the end. All shopped out!! Back to check out of our hotel, which I must say was pretty good, great view from our room and the biggest bed you’ll ever see. Bigger than some of the rooms we’ve stayed in on this trip. The most expensive room of our time as well, but well worth it for the luxury. We went out for a dim sum lunch in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, at a place called Serenades, very popular with Chinese families on the weekend, so we figured it would be pretty good, and it was. Dim sum is just a fancy title for yum-cha, where you order bite sized portions from a range of menu items. We gave the chicken feet long and thoughtful consideration, but were put off by the abalone sauce, otherwise would have been in like Flynn!? Back to the hotel to pick up our bags, then off to the airport. One last beer, then goodbye to Cards (been great to share a few days with her) and off to catch our flight home. We are looking forward to getting home, but also a bit sad that a fabulous trip has to come to an end. We have loved all of it, memories to last a lifetime, places to dream about forever, moments of pure magic. Time to get back to reality, earn some $$ and nick off again. Time to start planning the next trip in 2015.

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