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Last full day in Honkers

Last full day in Honkers
Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China

With our only full day in Hong Kong it was up and at ’em, with Cards waiting in the lobby at 8.30am to commence our day. First stop was breakfast across the road as the Hotel charges $30 and we couldn’t possibly eat that much to make it worth the spend. The coffee was pretty good and it was our first proper cooked breakfast of eggs we have had in 9 weeks. Our first stop for the day was the Star Ferry Terminal to catch a ferry across the harbour to Hong Kong Island. From there we caught a skinny double decker tram which took us along the Main Street amongst all the shops. 20 minutes later we disembarked and headed into a shopping centre called SOGO. This place is like Myers and DJ’s all rolled into one and is the size of Chadstone and Southland put together……huge. Hugh and I went one way whilst Cards went the other with the intention of meeting up in an hour. It only took Hugh 30 minutes and he was out!! How much shopping can a man bare? Not Much! I felt his pain as it was like being at home in a shopping centre. We got out of the place and explored around the streets for the other half hour before meeting up with Cards again, empty handed. Back on the tram, we headed to the mid escalators, which is a series of escalators that take you up the hill towards the Peak Tram. For those who can be bothered there is also the option of stairs, so for us Westerners who were still trying to acclimatise to the humidity, the escalators it was. We went as far as Soho where we got off and went in search of our lunch. We found a nice Vietnamese restaurant and ordered the set menu which was delicious. After lunch we took the rest of the escalators in search of the Peak Tram stop. As Cards is now well versed in our travel blog and the troubles we have had getting lost, it should not have come at any surprise to her that we did indeed lose our way in trying to find the Peak Tram stop. After deciding to cut our losses and retrace our steps part way back down the mountain, we eventually found the stop 30 minutes later….roughly 200 metres just around the corner from where we turned back. Typical!!! Surprise, surprise there was a queue that stretched further than we could see the end of, so aborted this failed mission and headed back to the Ferry for our journey across the harbour. Looking back towards the mountain we had intended getting to the top of, we were somewhat appeased by the fact that the cloud was so low that there was every chance we would reach the top only to see nothing. Hong Kong still hungover from Typhoon Uton. Back in Kowloon Cards went back to the Hotel as she had already done the shopping she needed whilst we headed into yet another shopping district for more shopping. Fortunately we were successful in buying Hugh a watch but not much else. Time to head back to the hotel for a regroup before dinner. Cards joined us in our room for a complimentary bottle of red from the hotel whilst we watched the city lights come to life. At 8pm we joined the throngs on the walkway outside and once again watched the Symphony of Lights show across the harbour. Plenty of photos later and we were off to dinner. As luck would have it we were passing a bar and Hugh noticed the Hawks and Magpies game was on. Say no more, we were stopping for a drink before dinner. We only watched half and hour before Hugh wanted to know who won, as the game was on delay. Go Hawks!! As is our want, we wandered aimlessly for half an hour looking for somewhere local to eat that wasn’t a bar. We finally came across a somewhat dodgy looking restaurant which turned out to be not too bad…..and cheap! After a full day of activities it was back to the Hotel, but not before Hugh made me grab Cards free bottle of red wine from her room, to enjoy one more nightcap whilst reading about the Hawks win. Lights out, another beautiful view of Hong Kong by night to fall asleep to.

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