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Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

Our last morning in Italy and up early as we need to be in Milan by about 10.30, and its 200k’s away. It’s typical that the best breakfast place we’ve stayed at doesn’t open for business till 8am, and we left at 7! Stop off at an Autogrill on the autostrada and into Milan by about 10, filling up with petrol before dropping the car off. Petrol here is about €1.80 per litre ($2.60), but if you don’t fill it up Hertz charge you €3.56 per litre ($5.15)! Plus another €20 service charge, plus they charge you for a full tank! There’s a lesson here, folks! Anyhow, into the airport straight to baggage check in…..no one else in line….miracles continue in the lovely country. We’ve been accumulating luggage along the way, and had madly rearranged to try to save on excess costs, but placed bags on weigh bridge with some trepidation. Rachael 2 kg over limit, place mine on……waiting, waiting. It’s like wheel of fortune here! Waiting……kerching, right on the button….40kgs, exactly! Our last miracle. So, farewell Italy, we’ve loved it. A few thoughts… 1/. Beautiful country full of history 2/. Crazy drivers, but strangely safe. Not sure how they avoid each other, but they do. 3/. Mopeds. 4/. Stone walls….love ’em 5/. Cobblestone lanes….love ’em more. 6/. Roads who’s boundaries are houses, not footpaths. Tiny roads, single lane roads. 7/. Stunning scenery, especially the coast line of Amalfi and Cinque Terra. 8/. Lemons….lemoncello especially. 9/. Naples….the little we saw, we didn’t like. Traffic was mayhem, but it made the best Pizza we ate. 10/. Assisi, the most beautiful town you will ever see. Gorgeous! 11/. The wine, beautiful. Delicious. Copiously consumed! 12/. The crowds. All the main cities were packed. Our fault coming during the busiest months, but holy-moly….nuts! 13/. Italian sporting organisational skills….nuff said! 14/. Queue’s, queue’s everywhere there is no respite. A tip for Italians…when you get to the head of the queue, just buy your tickets and move on….don’t tell your life story to the ticket person first! Hurry UP!!! 15/. Catholic Church Superfund topped up by Rachael’s candle lighting. 16/. Italians do not know how to whisper or allow any personal space. 17/. Hot…..Damn Hot!! 18/. High end fashion and sales everywhere. 19/. Coffee better than France but Melbourne rates above them all. 20/….look out Wye River! It’s SPRITZ TIME!!!

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