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Castle to Mount

Castle to Mount
Malcesine, Italy

Malcesine, Italy

Our last full day in Italy started with a run…..for Rachael. I dressed for the occasion, but once we got out the front gate, claimed injury and retired to the safety of our room, and bed! From all accounts the run was lovely, the scenery spectacular, and the air clear, but I still didn’t feel guilty. Yes sirree! I’m injured and must rest up. Rested, we headed for breakfast. The Hotel Meridiana has quite the reputation for its breakfast, and unlike our previous hotels slapdash affair, this one lived up to the kudos. Muesli, yoghurt, fruit, croissants…the list goes on. Relaxed, fed, exercised (ok, it’s overrated!), and ready for our last day in Italy. Its most prominent landmark is the Castello Scaligero, which has 13th-century fortifications and an older medieval tower We made our way thru the old town to the Castle which sits on the high point by the lake, with commanding views in every direction, the perfect place from which to defend the town. Next we wandered the lane ways, doing a bit of shopping and generally kicked back. Lunch, then down to the lake for a swim, scrambling over moss encrusted rocks before taking the leap of faith, straight in. Very refreshing, especially as its fresh water, so different to our usual salt! We seem to be getting used to just jumping in, no slow stroll into water, too many rocks for a comfortable entry. Refreshed we headed for the cable car up to Mount Blanco, which stands at 1800 metres high. The mountain is a favourite for bike riders, bush walkers and para gliders, of which there were plenty. The winds were pretty strong which played havoc with the paragliders especially, causing many aborted take off attempts. To compound things a huge thunderstorm approached from the north which rumbled away, threatening to wreak havoc. We then participated in the Italians favourite pastime…..queuing! For 90 minutes we waited for the cable car back down the mountain, not the most ideal way to spend your last afternoon in Italy!! After all, it was eating into valuable Spritz time. We dashed back to our apartment to order a cheese platter before 7pm so we could enjoy it on the balcony of our room over a bottle of red we had bought in Mombaruzzo to celebrate our final night in Italy. As the sun set we made our way into town for a couple of drinks and a quick bite to eat whilst we wandered through the lane ways taking our final photos. Back to the apartment for our final Spritz before calling it a night, up early for our drive to Milan airport and onto Hong Kong.

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