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From Paris to Reims

Reims, France

And so it is time to bid a fond adieu to Paris, but not before another run in Luxenbourg gardens, and a croissant. Plus one more attempt at a coffee……fail! We loved Paris, such a beautiful city. The buildings, museums, gardens, history, cafes, patisseries, shops, etc, etc…. You could spend a week just exploring the boulevards, and lane ways, and if you happened to be rolling in cash that would help!


Expensive place! Plus the beggars are a bit overwhelming, if only for their number, as they are mostly a very passive lot with their dogs by their side.


Still, time waits for no man, or woman, so off by train to Reims in the heart of Champagne. The train trip was quick, I got a window seat with an actual view, and we arrived right on time. Our hotel was just down the road from the station, and found without fuss. The receptionist was waiting for us, and was delighted to welcome ” Hoog” to Reims!! Reims, also spelt Rheims, and almost impossible to pronounce, is a beautiful town, right in the middle of Champagne. The main attraction in town is Notre-Dame de Reims, which is the seat of the Archdiocese of Reims, where 30 kings of France were once crowned.


The cathedral Notre Dame is huge, and almost as impressive as her namesake in Paris, and is the pride of the town. The old town is beautiful, except the main drag, Pl. Drouet d’Eron, which resembles a poor mans Lygon street. **** cafes and restaurants line the mall for 100’s of metres.


We thought this was it, but luckily got sent to a far better area to have our dinner, in a cool square (rectangle), with an array of eateries.

We also found our patisserie for brekky, so all good. We had a lovely dinner, and headed home for a quiet night, as tomorrow we are up and at ’em with champagne tastings, drives thru the vineyard regions, and an 11pm light show at the cathedral. Phew….exhausted just thinking about it.

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