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Two days In Bruge

Our time in Paris is up, on to Bruges…but not before one last look out the window,

then down 4 flights of stairs for the last time!

Metro to Gare du Nord

and off via Arras & Brussels to Bruges, a trip of about 3 hours.

Bruges is a beautiful medieval town, some may say a reproduction as most of it was flattened during WW2, but hey, it’s still very lovely.

We are staying in an outstanding B&B about 10 minutes from the centre of town, and it’s there we set off from after downing suitcases.

Surprisingly, we found a brewhouse, and partook of said products!

The belfry is the most obvious landmark, and site of the most memorable scene in the movie, In Bruges.

Dinner at a hamburger joint, then maybe a G&T or two in a fantastic gin & whiskey bar. They have over 230 gins to choose from, and when you do, they are presented in the most unique way. Rachael loved the glasses so much we bought two for home, plus a bottle, of course.

A very nice way to end the day.

Before heading out in the morning how’s this for brekky? Plus scrambled eggs and bacon! Fantastic B&B!

Bruges is so beautiful, maybe photos are all that’s needed?!

The Saint Salvator Cathedral was a huge surprise, stunning.

The canal ride was worth it…

The whale is made out of recycled plastic rubbish.

Finally bought a hat down a tiny lane, surprisingly on the tourist map, which we find out is because it used to be the red light district!

Plenty of these guys ringing the cobblestones.

Waffles on a stick!

Maybe another beer…

More wandering…

Time for a night wander

The most photographed spot in town, featured on all photo sites.

The belfry at night,

And the view from the top next morning.

340 steps up, on a very well worn path.

The bells play their majestic tunes,

Back on terra firma, for one last look before heading to our last destination, Amsterdam.

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  1. Brendan Eames says

    Strange film ” in Bruges ” . Nice city though. Didn’t buy any carpets ? Make a beeline for the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh exhibition, the street full of ” pot ” cafes, and of course the red light district. See you soon.


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