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One more dash around Berlin

How quickly it rushes by, before you know it your time is almost up in Berlin!

We’re re-covering a bit of territory today, and hoping to just wander a bit.

First call is coffee and breakfast, then by U-Bahn to our first drop, Topographie des Terrors, which tells the story, in all its chilling detail, of the rise of the Nazi Party.

Housed on the block where Nazi Germany’s most feared instituions – the security services, the Gestapo and the SS once stood, it is a sobering reminder of what can happen when democracy does astray.


The remains of the former torture cells are used to mount an exhibition chronicling Nazi war crimes, especially against the Jews.

Somber stuff, the whole place is jam packed with information, quite overwhelming in its detail.

Pretty essential viewing!

Keeping the theme going, we traveled to the mainly Jewish centre, formerly Spandauer Vorstadt,  just north of centre. Walking the streets we passed the Grosse Hamburger Memorial to concentration victims, right outside the rusty gates to the old Jewish Cemetery, which is now a park.


Walking along the streets are many brass plaques mounted in the cobblestones, memorializing victims who lived there before being transported to evil!


Lets lighten the mood shall we?

Coffee, anyone?



Off next to Hackesche Hofe, a very interesting area filled with cool (expensive) shops through little laneways within an outer building.

Great spot, and a welcome relief.


We strolled the fancy boutique laden streets back to the U-Bain, and back to Kreuzberg for a last wander around, and a gelato.


Yep, we’re not always drinking beer!

Dinner down the road at a German restaurant and bed early, as we have a 4.30 kick off tomorrow down to Geneva and on to Annecy 


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