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DAY 8 Gokyo Ri

Up until now the weather has been only ok, with quite a lot of low cloud obscuring what, presumably, are pretty spectacular views. We get glimpses of what’s behind the misty veil, tantalising us almost as much as a good coffee, but until now the Himalayas have been quite the flirt! Promising fields of gold, giving flint copper.

Not today though, sunrise produced a magnificent feast for the eyes, with breathtaking mountain peaks soaring up on the horizon. Clear sky’s producing an enormous promise for our walk up Gokyo Ri (5345mt) which is meant to have some of the most amazing views anywhere in this region.

We made an early start at about 6.30 to hopefully maximise the conditions, setting off pretty much straight up the hill from the lake, which was producing mesmerizing reflections of the peak above it.

Here’s a good excuse to stall the inevitable hike skyward…lets take a few snaps.
Done, time to haul glutes and quads up, up, up.
Three and a half torturous hours later we finally touched the prayer flags, which had been teasing us for about an hour, and downed packs for a well earned rest at what felt like the top of the world.

The views were stupendous, a glacier flow cutting through towering snow topped peaks, deep ravines plunging to a lake, glacier or river; a moon scape of rock devoid of vegetation tumbling asunder, clouds cloaking the scenery only to pull apart to reveal more magnificent peaks.

Everest finally showed herself before hiding shyly behind a curtain of cloud, whilst others peaked out to say hi. I would name these peaks but they are too difficult to remember their names.

It really was brilliant, but eventually cold and hunger forced our hand and we headed back down, taking only about an hour to get back to Gokyo.
Exhausted, we fell on our lunch, after coffee and hot chocolate, and spent an hour or so relaxing in the cafe attached to our lodge.

Dawa thought we looked too fresh, so off we went for another walk to lake number four, about 45 minutes away, and surprisingly, up a hill.

Enough already, Dawa, we are stuffed!
More coffee, which wasn’t too bad, special treat of Toblerone for us, white chunky KitKat for Liz for afternoon tea…delicious!
Rest, read, dinner, bed…at about 7!


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  1. Brendan Eames says

    Again WOW ! You are really up there. Cusco is a bit over 4000 metres which was pretty rarified for me, so you must be pretty fit by now to be able to climb like that. Well done. The Andes look great but you are right in amongst the Himalayas. It must be breathtaking in more ways than one. Very envious again. Stay well and safe. Looking foward to catching up. LOL BJ/ Dad.


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