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Onward to Bordeaux

Our time in Spain has come to an end, normal eating habits about to realign.

San Sebastián was fabulous, all we had heard and more.

Not sure we could keep up the pace for much longer, so probably a good thing for our waistline and liver if we head up the road to France.

No chance of overindulging there?
Spain and Portugal have been tremendous, beautiful countries, lovely people, and exquisite food and drink. Sangria has put pressure on Spritz as our drink of choice, with Negroni making a late charge for line honours.
We had planned to spend our last meal in Spain eating pinxtos and having a glass of Cava for breakfast, but the health Gods must having been watching and our venue of choice was not open, nor were second or third position.

Oh well, patisseries and coffee it is then!
We caught the local train to the border, then the fast train on to Bordeaux. Only problem was the ‘fast’ train stopped all stations so took about three hours. For those traveling on to Paris, it would have been a long, tough trip.
We got to Bordeaux at three, and were immediately hit by a wave of hot air…big difference in temperature, low 30’s and quite humid. Up until now we have had very pleasant weather in the main, with temperatures in the mid 20’s, so this was quite the shock.

Can’t complain though, could be stuck in the middle of winter back home.
Taxi driver didn’t have a clue where to go, but still managed to find our apartment, and what a place it is. Facing a small courtyard area filled with bars and restaurants, the apartment is on the second floor, has two large rooms, a small ( tiny) balcony and high ceilings.

A big tick! Great position in the old town, close to everything….brilliant. Airbnb strikes again. Anyone coming to Bordeaux, this is the place.

We wandered around, turning left instead of right, back tracking, trying to find the supermarket, failing…succeeding, getting provisions, trying to find our way home….done.

It’s been a hectic time so we decided to use the facilities and cook dinner, so finally a square meal….pasta at that, on the balcony listening to the crowd below enjoying happy hour.

A beer or two, some Portuguese red…oops! Then an early night!

This traveling to a new country sure tires you out.

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  1. Brendan Eames says

    Travelling to new countries, new food ,new plonk ,or its equivelent, God someone has to do it ! Am I envious …….. Noooooooooo ! Be over there in 2 weeks, but should I stay home ? No BLOODY way !

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