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Our first full day in Lisbon

The plan was to get up early and go for a run along the Tagus River. However having endured the previous nights dinner torture and not getting home until 1am the plan was quickly shelved and we enjoyed a well needed sleep in and a late brekky.

The weather was looking ominous today but this was not to deter us from seeing the sights of Lisbon. First stop, Castelo De Sao Jorge, a steady climb from our apartment to the top of the hill. Along the way you can stop to view the city of Lisbon from platforms called Miradouras. 

Once at the Castelo we had a wonderful panoramic view of Lisbon and Hugh duly captured the scene with his photographic eye. The strongly fortified citadel dates from medieval period of Portuguese history, and is one of the main tourist sites of Lisbon, overlooking Lisbon from all sides. A very imposing structure!

With the temperature slowly dropping and the clouds moving in, the drizzle that had accompanied us for most of the morning had now become rain and we were forced to take shelter within the Castelo until it passed. 

 20 minutes later and the rain not abating we took off and headed back down the hill, where we purchased 2 overpriced PVC umbrellas that we were not confident would last the 10 minute walk back to our apartment. Quick pit stop to change and dry off and we were back out with our still intact umbrellas.

As we walked around the city not heading anywhere in particular, we were pleased to stumble across another Market, Mercado da Ribeira. This place was pumping, it was dog eat dog trying to find a spare chair let alone any table space to eat your lunch whilst standing. Fortunately, as the time was now 3pm and people were starting to leave, Hugh stumbled across 2 vacant seats. 


With lunch now devoured it was time to move on and with the sun desperately trying to peek through the clouds it was time to hit the shops. Success!! With arms now laden with purchased items it was time to head back to our apartment and sort out where to go for dinner over a pre, or two!



We ended up at a quaint little restaurant in the Bairro Alto district that was full of people which is always a good sign. Before we knew it we were served a platter of cheese, olives and bread and 2 menus. With alarm bells ringing we knew these items would not be complimentary, and sure enough at the end of the night, there it is on our bill, the aforementioned items totalling €10, and I thought corkage was a rip off!!!!

So despite the poor weather we had a great day in Lisbon strolling the streets and taking it easy. Happy to see that the next 2 days will bring back the sunshine and with it, plenty of sightseeing. 


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