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Sala Comacina on Lake Como

Sala Comacina on Lake Como
Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy

With Kate and Sal gone it was just Maddy and I to exercise together, and so at 7.30am we hit the road and walked for an hour and a half around Mombaruzzo, which was a welcome change to running all the time.
Back to the Villa for our last breakfast then everyone was off to pack their bags and check out.
Whilst Maddy and Co headed to Biella we headed to Sala Comacina on Lake Como, but not before purchasing a SIM card in Nizza, as the apartment we had rented did not have WiFi, an unusual oversight on Hugh’s behalf!!
With the language barrier very much tested, we managed to Google translate with the sales assistant on his computer and purchased what we thought was a SIM with data. As we later learnt, we had simply purchased a SIM card with no data, so there goes €30!!
Once again we were on our way for a pleasant drive to Lake Como. As lunchtime was approaching we decided to stop at a place on the autostrade called ‘Autogrill’.
We expected the usual fare of takeaway food but this place is something else. it is like a delicatessen, butcher, wine bar, salad bar, pasta bar etc all rolled into one. Each type of food and drink has its own section which will be heated or cooked fresh for you as you order. We couldn’t believe a place like this could exist on a highway, it even had a business lounge for the frequent traveller.
In Australia the only options would have been Macca’s and Subway!
Back in the car again after a very satisfying pit stop, we weaved our way through the tunnels coming across a car carrier that was equipped with 7 Maserati’s all protected by a white car cover. The driver must have been nervous as hell knowing that his cargo was worth about €3million.
We arrived at our destination and were met by stifling heat, high humidity and no breeze.
Our host Robbie was there to take us to our apartment and had the fortune of carrying my suitcase the 200 metres along the cobbled road, stairs and hills, something I’m sure he regretted as soon as he felt the weight of it.
The apartment comes with no air conditioning, another unfortunate oversight, as the Italians seem to think that the concrete around the building keeps it cool!! A text to Robbie 2 hours later asking if the apartment had a fan, resulted in Robbie bringing a fan to our apartment, therefore avoiding what could have been a night from hell.
With no WiFi we headed to the local wine bar for a couple of Spritzers and a chance to use the free WiFi. This place has only been opened for 4 months but we are already sold on the concept. With each order of drinks you get a platter of bread, cheese and meat, we are in heaven.
Back to the apartment for a home cooked meal of tuna salad, feels like home, then a chance to catch up on our books before retiring to bed, exhausted from another day of travelling.

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