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Rest day

Rest day
Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Finally a sleep in!! After yesterday’s walk across the Cinque Terra everyone was a little tuckered, except for Kate who decided to go for a 50 minute run.
Today was planned to be nothing more than lying on the beach, ‘Rancho Relaxo’ style.
At 9am we headed to the section of umbrellas that appealed to us the most, which of course are all reserved for those willing to pay up to a month at a time to have prime location. Second row it is for us tourists!
Whilst the girls settled in for the day, Hugh and I embarked on our favourite past time……finding a Laundromat. With only one operating in Monterosso you would think it would be easy to find, but no, we ended up asking the Tourist information lady who duly set us in the right direction.
A few more odd jobs completed and Hugh and I joined the ladies on the beach for the rest of the day.
Of all the towns along the Cinque Terra, Monterosso offers the best beach front for sun baking and swimming, which is exactly how we passed the time.
At 5.30pm the Spritz bells were ringing and we were off to our favourite wine bar. Having exerted ourselves all day, we indulged in 2 Spritz’s before dinner and reluctantly tore ourselves away to get ready for dinner.
The girls chose the Restaurant for our final dinner in Monterosso based upon the Salmon, which was delicious. Unfortunately as the sun was setting so too were the bugs…..on Maddy and Kate’s salmon. I’m sure you could imagine how Kate was handling that situation!!
The restaurant tried in vain to cover up the lights, but the bugs were not to be dissuaded and continued their bombardment. As we all huddled on to the end of the table, the owner was kind enough to take one of the bottles of wine off our bill as an apology for the inconvenience. Grazie!
As this was our final night we returned to the wine bar for one final Spritz and Lemoncello before calling it a night.
The walk back to our hotel, all 100 metres of it, was both eventful and amusing.
Much giggling, **** jokes (not from Maddy, of course), and gentle swaying up the alleyway ensued, the jokes getting funnier by the second!?
Oh dear, I think we have lead the girls astray!!!

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