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Shopping time

Shopping time
Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Leisurely start to the day, as Kate, Maddy & Sal just wanted to be lazy and have a late breakfast……..NOT! Meet at 7.30 for a run thru the streets of Monterosso in the humidity and the rain. Yep, it started to rain the moment we headed off. Now normally Rachael and I run for 30-40 minutes then hit the showers, do you reckon that’s what happened today? Not on your Nellie! Run went a bit longer than normal, then Kate decided a little circuit was in order. You know, a few push-ups, squats, lunges, dips etc. All the while Sal is looking around for a session for tomorrow, scoping the scene for potential torture! Dehydration had set in by this stage, running in sweat! The locals are gawking, trying to work out what these mad people were doing whilst perving on the girls. Finally…finally, we finished. Ouch!! Gonna be sore tomorrow. After breakfast the girls took to the streets for some much needed retail therapy, as it had been 2 days since their last purchase. I took to the streets, in the rain to see what was in offer for me. I came across a Barber, and as my hair was in much need of a cut and couldn’t wait until I saw Terri again, I decided to cut my loses and try out ‘Vincenzo’. Typically he was closed on Monday so I will have to the wait until tomorrow and somehow mange these tresses for one more day. The girls and I met up at a wine bar for lunch, obviously my choice, to sample the local cuisine. Happy faces all round as there was something for everyone in the menu, even a weak skinny latte for Kate and Sal……finally. After lunch the girls hit the beach and Rach and I went exploring the town of Monterosso. We came across a statue perched high on the hill, of St Francis of Assisi and a dog overlooking the town. An amazing view from up high which warranted the many photos I had taken. We continued along the path and came across a little church. Finally Rachael had found a church and candle that had my name on it, but it was not to be, upon closer inspection the candles were electric, and Rach doesn’t do electronic candles. Still I wait in silence for my turn!!!! Further along the track we came upon a crypt/cemetery which was quite eerie as it was high on the hill in the middle of nowhere. A few snaps later and we started our descent down to meet the girls for a Spritz at our new favourite wine bar. Already halfway through their first, as we were late, we quickly caught up, before freshening up back at the apartment and meeting again for dinner. We had a shared dinner over a bottle of red, then it was time for a nightcap. Or was it? The closer we got to the wine bar, the more reluctant everyone was for another drink when bed beckoned. So we headed back to our hotel, said our good nights and as soon as the girls were out of sight, Rachael & I snuck back out like naughty teenagers, headed back to the wine bar and one last spritz for the night. Such mischievous behaviour! 3 hail Mary’s for you tomorrow, Rachael.

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