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Under a Hot Tuscan Sun

Tuscany, Italy

Ah, the serenity.
After what seems like weeks, actually it is weeks, we finally have the sounds of silence. No traffic, garbo’s at dawn, drunken yobbo’s, crowds…..did I mention traffic?
Tuscany, quiet, peaceful….and a pool!
Have I talked about the heat? Hot! 32-34 every day lately, and humid. Sweat city.
We haven’t mentioned breakfast much, but our morning diet lately has consisted of bakery/cake/bakery/bread…repeat!
This morning we had muesli. Muesli, with MILK!
Thank God for self contained accommodation.
We got a few tips from people, thank you, and after getting provisions for dinner (i.e. beer!) we headed off to the Chianti region and a few reds.
First stop Greve in Chianti, yes GPS that is GREVE in Chianti…..GREVE, not San Polo!!
Nice place San Polo, just not Greve, and 20 minutes further away.

We reach Greve in Chianti, and a lovely place it is. We wander around the main piazza looking at the shops, checking out the tourism info joint, enjoying the sunshine, and come across the most incredible shop we have ever been in.

A butchers! Actually, a piggery butchers…a temple to all things ‘wild boar’.
As we were meandering thru, a pigs tail brushed past my face….what the? Said pigs tail was attached to pigs cured ass, and was hanging from the ceiling.
How good is this place?

It’s called ‘Macelleria Falorni’, and has been selling the finest selection of meat and salami since 1729.
It’s hard to believe how much we liked this place, salami everywhere, various pigs bits hanging from the ceiling, cheese and more cheese….and plenty of wine to taste.
Plus lunch….heaven!

If there was a place like this in Mt Martha I’d never leave….I couldn’t, I wouldn’t fit thru the door!
They also pour wine by the taste/sample/glass thru the use of an enomatic system.
The Enomatic Wine Dispenser is a wine dispenser which is an Italian invention developed in 2002 by a Tuscan entrepreneur. It preserves wine for more than three weeks after the bottle has been opened providing servings by the glass.
It is a brilliant way to try different wines using a prepaid card which you put into the slot, pick wine and sample size, and taste away.
Why there isn’t one of these down our way beggars belief!?

After finally dragging Rachael away, we headed off, sans GPS, to explore.
Down/up we went to the beautiful village of Castellina in Chianti, then on to Radda in Chianti, stopping at both to wander the streets, working off our luncheon indulgences.
Back home, a few reds, dinner, and a chance to read a few pages of our books.

Oh…almost forgot.
The highlight of the day, at the butchers, was the soundtrack.
Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass! CLASSIC!
My folks played their 33’s all the time. Albums for you young folk!
Before CD’s……you know, before torrents and illegal digital downloads?
As soon as we get home I’m downloading their collection.

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