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Nice to Napoli

Naples, Italy

Our last day in Nice started with a sleep in (8.30!!), brekky, and packing. As our flight isn’t till 7.10pm, we were lucky enough to be allowed to leave our luggage in the apartment until 4pm. The alternative doesn’t bare thought….dragging suitcases around Nice in 30 degree temperatures. We wandered into the old town for the last time, then headed for the beach for a swim, and a chance to stop for a couple of hours. It seems like we have been going flat out ever since we hit London, so to be sitting on a beautiful beach looking out over the Cote d’Azur was pretty special. We got to the airport in plenty of time and went thru customs to enjoy a beer or two at the bar before our flight…..except, no bar!


The third largest airport in France, in a country with very liberal liquor rules, and no bar! One last ****** coffee instead… So, as we wait to depart France, a few thoughts on this most beautiful country.

1/. Paris is magnificent, we both loved it.

2/. Contrary to popular opinion, the French are a most hospitable and helpful bunch. Just make an effort to speak a few words of French, and everything is fine. And as we all know, Rachael is fluent in “pink panther” French.

3/. Everyone smokes.

4/. Parisians are beautifully dressed, and thin. Must be all those ciggies?

5/. Croissants are delicious, and macaroons are nothing like I thought they’d be, much sweeter and softer inside. And in so many flavours…and soooo expensive.

6/. The countryside, the villages, the old castles and walled cities….all things we can never replicate…..Kryal Castle excepted!

7/. The coffee truly is rubbish….bring on Italy.

8/. They sell wine absolutely everywhere, from corner deli’s to patisserie’s, petrol stations to convenience stores, and all the grand wine stores dotted everywhere.

9/. You can buy a bottle of Champagne cheaper at Dan Murphy’s than you can in Champagne.

10/. Public transport everywhere we went was fabulous, especially the metro system in Paris.

11/. Speaking of transport….you would have to be mad to drive in central Paris….madness.

12/. We are so grateful that France is flat as we have walked the equivalent of Oxfam, twice over……or thereabouts.

13/. Dogs are allowed anywhere and everywhere, they rule the country. Poopa Scoopa optional.

14/. Denim on denim allowable, indeed desirable, in Paris.

15/. Left-hand driving = very tricky, especially round-a-bouts!

16/. Re no.15, almost get killed every time I try to cross the road….keep looking the wrong way.

17/. Mopeds, the most sensible way around any town in France. And Smart cars too.

18/. Parking. How they get in, or out, of the squishiest spots defies the laws of physics.

19/. Cathedrals/basilica/church….all stunning. A Notre Dame in every town. Rachael has lit a lot of candles. At €2 a pop, we’ll be on bread and drippings soon!

20/. Can’t wait to come back and do the country justice.


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