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London to Paris

Paris, France

“Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head…”, well, sort of!
After last nights pints, it’s shuffle time, do do do do: do do: do do…
Rachael run, me shuffle.
The good thing about having both a sore achilles, and an arthritic ankle is that, in theory, my limping on both sides should balance me out?! Yes-no?
Limp, limp, sweat, sweat…time for brekky.
We had a lovely stay at the Kennington B&B, and would recommend it highly, perfect.
Great location, comfy bed, lovely hosts. What more could you ask for.
Thank you London, we loved it, and will be back.
On London, a few points,
1. The people couldn’t be nicer, very helpful
2. The tube and bus system absolutely **** all over anything we have at home.
3. There is literally a pub on every corner. And most are called the Red Lion. And they are all dark and dingy.
4. The local beer is both warm, and flat
5. It truly is a most magnificent, spectacular town.


Off to Paris.
How odd it is, to leave one country, and be in the capital of another in 3 hours
I was so looking forward to the train trip over, looking out on the countryside as we travelled….only to discover that our seats faced a solid wall, with no window!!

Not happy, Jan!
Got to the Gare Du Nord station, bought metro tickets, and got monstered by security checking said tickets….purchased 2 minutes ago.
Welcome to Paris!
Metro to Odeon station, and found our accommodation 100 metres away, more or less by fluke.

What a place, in the 6th district, up 5 flights of very narrow stairs to a fabulous loft style room, right in the middle of it all.
Walked around, booked bike tours for tomorrow, had dinner on the street, bought a bottle of French plonk to drink in the room, and here we are!

Rachael is loving it, practising her French (more ‘ullo, ullo’ style than anything else).
Looking forward to an action packed day tomorrow.

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