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Leave for London via Hong Kong

Leave for London via Hong Kong
Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Cathay CX 178 Melbourne – Hong Kong 23.45 – 7.15 (21/6) It pays to look at the fine print on airline ticket info from the travel agent. Just because seats are allocated on print, doesn’t mean it’s so! Checked in last night, got our seats, and discovered we had the worse row on the plane. I was a punching bag for all things moving up and down the aisle, as they clipped me again and again. Beware all, if the seating map has your seats in red, avoid……or better still check in online the day before. Besides that, and Rachael falling asleep as we taxied out, a relatively smooth, if somewhat sleepless night to Honkers. Also, I ran into an old mate, Guy Nelson, at the airport. We haven’t seen each other for about 20 years, but he hasn’t changed and we caught up over a beer at the bar.

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